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Look at your home state first

Some states will offer a state tax deduction or credit or other benefits to its taxpayers,
so before investing in any 529 plan, make sure you look at your home state's options first.


  • This state offers a resident tax benefit for participation in its own 529 plan(s).

Oregon College Savings Plan


  • For self-guided investors
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MFS 529 Savings Plan


  • Offered through financial professionals
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Let Us Help You Save

While states are the official sponsors of 529 plans, they need help offering them. That's where we come in, Ascensus College Savings, the leading 529 plan provider.


SSGA Upromise 529


  • For self-guided investors
  • Offered through financial professionals
  • Expertly managed by Ascensus College Savings, the leading 529 provider
  • Makes receiving college savings gifts easy through Ugift®
  • Helps you save through everyday spending with Upromise® by Sallie Mae®
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About Ascensus College Savings

Our mission as 529 specialists is to make saving easy through accessible and affordable college savings plans. We currently partner with state agencies and 529 plan program managers in 18 states, supporting 32 different 529 plans.1

Why save with Ascensus College Savings?

While we may not support the 529 plan in your home state, chances are that we support another plan that meets your college savings needs. Families across the country trust us with over 3.8 million accounts and over $81 billion in their hard earned college savings.1

Investing in an Ascensus plan gets you:

  • Expert management from the leading 529 plan provider
  • An easy way to receive college savings gifts through Ugift®
  • Ability to help save through everyday spending with Upromise® by Sallie Mae®