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We've Done the Math for You. Saving for College is Doable.

Even $1 a day can make a difference. All you need is a plan.

Meet Your College Savings Solution:

A 529 Plan

A 529 college savings plan is a simple way to save for your child's education.

If You Save

Per Month

Potential College Savings

You will save $10,062

Based on 18 years of saving and a 5% return on investment. 1

Need some perspective? The average cost of a public, in-state, 4-year college is about $23,250 per year. 2

1. Start with a plan.


Understand how much you need to save, and make a realistic plan to keep saving steadily.

2. Give your plan, and child, some time to grow for college.


It's never too late to start saving, but starting early gives you the most opportunity to benefit from the power of a 529 plan's tax-deferred growth.

3. Help your child's dreams come true.


No matter your child's interests, your 529 plan savings can be used to help pay for the things they'll need. 529s can be used for many higher education expenses at a variety of institution types—not just the typical 4-year college.

Features to look for


  • Investment choice
  • Expert management
  • Cost
  • Additional ways to save

What to Consider When Choosing a 529 College Savings Plan

Just like picking a college, you need to make a few decisions when setting up a 529 plan. We've put together some important points to help you.

What to Expect from a 529 Plan

Start Saving Today

It's easy to start saving towards the future your child's been dreaming of.

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